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  This book is for the naysayers who think a truly natural lifestyle is impossible to achieve and for those who are tired of living sluggish, burdened, and unhealthy lives. You will be amazed by how closely within your reach this way of living actually is - and can be yours too!
  • Eating real food vs. processed
  • ​Dealing with issues of weight
  • ​Homemade body care wonders
  • ​Detoxing the home
  • ​Natural solutions for creating abundance
  • ​...and so MUCH MORE!

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What People Are Saying About this Book!
"This book is gorgeous! The intuitive nature of these recipes allows the reader to, not only get excited about crafting home herbal remedies, but rest assured that these will be effective for their family and in their home. My three favorite recipes are the Herbal Chai Tea, Onion Hot Packs, and Golden Turmeric Ghee. I truly believe that this book will become a beloved favorite that will bring me many years of herbal remedy creation. Thank you so much Jackie for always bringing your beautiful spirit to the natural health community." 
- Jenn A. (Orlando, FL)
"I love how Jackie has put so many wonderful recipes together all in one place. The layout is very easy to follow. If you are new to herbs and essential oils and have not yet perfected your own DIY recipes, this ebook is a great resource. I am excited to make the Moon Cycle Tea, Mint Chocolate Body Cream, Herbal Bone Broth and Herbal Finishing Salts to name a few, for myself and loved ones this holiday season. I know I will continue to follow Jackie and purchase any book or ebook she puts on the market." - Kimberly B. (Napa, CA)
What a beautiful book! The stories are so heartfelt and warming. The images, recipes, and education are perfect for beginners looking to expand into different areas of holistic living. I've been wanting to get into tea making and Jackie's recipes are awesome! I'm excited to try out the Moon Cycle Tea, Happy Unicorn Perfume, and the Sugar Scrub Bars. It looks like I'm starting my very first Apothecary! Thanks for sharing your passion with us, Jackie. Time to put these awesome recipes to good use - Anamaria L. (Jax, FL)
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